How to Join 如何参加



野外绳索打结,急救, 安全。指南针与导航(阅读地图与徒步行走).户外烹饪,野外篝火.贴近自然生态环境。骑马,划独木舟,乘帆船,潜水活动滑冰滑雪攀岩绳降洞穴探险树顶探险徒步旅行及丛林探险热汽球活动话剧活动等等.

小童军Joey 6-7岁半幼童军 Cub 7-10岁半. 童军Scout 10岁半- 14岁半.

时间每周五下午4:00pm 到 5:30pm

凤凰冒险者 Venturers 14-17岁 和 凤凰漫游者 Rovers 18-25 

时间每周四下午4:00pm 到 5:30pm

地点: Chinese Phoenix Scout hall is located in Tooms Place, Lyons.

The Chinese Phoenix Scout Group  will be offering outdoor adventure and Scouting activities to equip young people with new skills and knowledge. Most members already speak Chinese as a first language, so activities will be conducted in both Chinese and English. We have two sections currently available and we are looking to start the younger sections in 2015. Here are the details for our current sections:

Joeys (6-7.5), Cubs (7.5-10.5), Scouts (10.5-14.5) will meet Friday 4:00pm to 5:30pm 

Venturers: 14-17 years, meet Thursday 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Venturing provides an attractive program of activities, self-government, leadership experience, companionship of their own age and helps to develop initiative and resourcefulness. By determining their own training needs it encourages young people to be self-motivating. Key elements of the program are selected from the following four development areas:

Community Involvement: Citizenship, Environment, First Aid, Service

Adventurous Activities: Expeditions, Outdoor, Initiative

Personal Growth: Expression, Lifestyle, Ideals, Pursuits

Leadership Development: Unit Management, Leadership Course, Vocations

Rovers: 18-25 years, meet Thursday 4:00pm-5:30pm

Rovers opens the door to a world of adventure, excitement, challenge, and achievement. Challenging outdoor activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, sailing, caving, ski-touring, canyoning, four-wheel driving, rock-climbing, and scuba diving can all form part of a Rover’s calendar. Social activities such as balls, bush dances, harbour cruises, nights out, car rallies, and “Moots” (gatherings of Rovers on a local, national, and sometimes international level) also feature on an active Rover’s program.