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Chinese Phoenix Scout Group 澳大利亚中国凤凰童军会

使用汉语和英语双语的活动团体. 年龄从6岁到25岁可以加入童军, 25岁以上可以成为童军队长.

 中国凤凰童军会将以童军守则与誓词为本, 提供户外拓展和探索等活动,使年青人具备新的技能和知识.

激励青少年自我学习, 培训他们成为一个有自立能力, 乐於助人, 有责任感及勇於承担的人.鼓励和安排童军成员参与本地和国际活动.

具有挑战的户外活动如: 远足, 露营, 划船, 帆船, 滑冰, 滑雪, 越野车,攀岩, 洞穴探险, 树上探险,潜水, 热汽球, 话剧等.

小童军Joey 6岁-7岁半. 幼童军 Cub 7岁半-10岁半. 每周五下午4:00pm 到 5:30pm

童军Scout 10岁半- 14岁半.每周五下午6:00pm 到 7:30pm

凤凰冒险者 Venturers 14-17岁 和 凤凰漫游者 Rovers 18-25 岁

时间: 每周四下午4:00pm 到 5:30pm

 地点: Chinese Phoenix Scout hall is located in Tooms Place, Lyons.


Scouting in Australia is unique – no other organisation offers such a diverse variety of activities and experiences across such a broad age-range. Children and young adults aged from 6 to 25 can join at any stage of Scouting and participate in a program that encourages them to grow through adventure by experiencing new challenges, making new friends, building confidence, taking responsibility for themselves, and being provided with opportunities to explore their own abilities and interests.

 Venturers & Rovers meeting on Thursday 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Joeys & Cubs meeting on Friday 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Scouts meeting on Friday 6:00pm to 7:30pm




On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God,
and to the laws of Australia
To help other people and to live by the Scout Law.




A Scout is trustworthy, 童军值得信任
A Scout is loyal, 童军是真诚.
A Scout is helpful, 童军是乐于助人
A Scout is friendly, 童军是友善
A Scout is cheerful, 童军是积极向上
A Scout is considerate, 童军是慎重
A Scout is thrifty, 童军是节俭
A Scout is courageous, 童军是勇敢
A Scout is respectful, 童军是尊敬
A Scout cares for the environment. 童军是爱护环境


History of Scouting

We are affiliated with ACT Scouts and Scouts Australia.