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Clean Up Australia Day Sunday 1 March 2015

2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Australian innovation that is Clean Up Australia Day.  Let’s make it a big day for Scouting and show we really care for the environment.  Register your group for an event on the Clean Up Australia Day website or volunteer to support a registered site. This is a great opportunity for Scouts to make our presence felt in the community.  Make sure you do your clean-up in Scout uniform.  You can clean up rivers, lakes, local shopping centres, in fact any public place.  Remember to take some pics of your event and post (with permission) to the ACT Scouts Facebook page.



Sat 07/03 – Sun15/03

held on the lawns in front of Old Parliament House where a mass of balloons will inflate at sunrise each morning (weather permitting), and after a gentle lift off, fly over the lake and city. Balloons come from all over Australia and overseas.

Earth Hour Saturday 28 March 2015 8:30pm to 9:30pm

For one hour focus on your commitment to our planet for the rest of the year.  Get your Scout group together for a candle lit dinner, stargaze, go camping, play board games, have a concert, screen an environmental documentary before or after the hour.  What you do is up to you.  If you decide to take action as a result register it on the Earth Hour website.  Remember to share your event on social media like the Scouts ACT Facebook page.


Great ACT Weed Out 9-10 May 2015

The ACT Scouts Environment Team with the Mt Mugga Mugga/Isaacs Ridge Parkcare Group is putting on a weekend long Landcare event on Isaacs Ridge. Whilst the event is open to the general public, it will be a great opportunity for Scouts to show we care for the environment. The event is an approved activity to contribute towards achievement of the Landcare badge or the World Scout Environment Badge.  The event does coincide with Jamboree of the Trail and Mothers Day so why not combine all three:  organise a walk on the Centenary Trail (which does right past the Landcare site) up to the top of Isaacs Ridge then plant a tree in honour of the important women in your family.


Regional Scout Environment Camp 18-20 September 2015

This is a camp for the Scout Section packed with on and off-site environment activities. The camp will be open to Scout Troops from neighbouring NSW centres. This camp will be a great opportunity to practice camping skills for Jamboree in a non-competitive atmosphere while working on environment award scheme components. A special camp badge will be issued to all participants in the Camp.

Some Cool Environment Apps


Field Guide to Australian Capital Territory Fauna

This is a simple free app that provides details of over 730 local species of fauna (insects, bugs, reptiles, birds and mammals).

Weed Spotter

This is free app that has been developed locally to help you identify weeds and to record and report their location into the national Atlas of Living Australia database.


This again is a free app to use to access the Atlas of Living Australia and its 30 million records.  You can also record your own observations or use the app to ID plants and animals.  It’s great for finding out what has been recorded in your local area as a starting point for doing local environment observations.


Australian Birds Guide

This is a great app for the ‘twitchers’.  Great for ID of birds and to keep track of your own observations.  Easy to use.


Wild Time

Find wild things to do on your doorstep for your Scouts.  Choose how much time you have, find a wild thing to do, go outside and do it.